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    Lets clear this out! 

    Yes, we are the couple from the cat pic, but that story is fake! we didnt wrote it!
    Fortunately the real story is much more happy. Thats why we decided to upload a photo from our families together, our parents and our sisters! We have supportive families that love us and acept us. Is important to us that you share the real story behind this photo because is much more powerful and positive the true story, and we like to spred the positive message that everything always turn out just fine! you dont have to hide this from your family, they just need time to understand. The soon you tell them the soon you stop suffering and the aceptation process begin. 
    Love to all of our followers and please share the real story and the positive message that we want to spred!

    Aclaremos esto! 

    Si! Somos nosotros los de la foto del gato pero esa historia no es real, nosotros no la escribimos!
    Afortunadamente la historia real es mucho mas feliz. Es por eso que decidimos subir esta foto de nuestras familias juntos, nuestros padres y hermanas. Tenemos familias que nos apoyan y nos aceptan. Es importante para nosotros que compartas la historia real detrás de esa foto porque es mucho mas poderosa y positiva que la falsa, y queremos esparcir el mensaje positivo de que todo siempre termina saliendo bien! No tenes q esconderles esto a tu familia, ellos solo necesitan tiempo para entenderlo. Mientras mas rápido se los digas mas rápido vas a dejar de sufrir y el proceso de aceptación va a comenzar mas rápido. 
    Cariños a todos nuestros seguidores y por favor compartan la historia real y el mensaje positivo que queremos esparcir!


    Reducing an out of context picture of strangers to inspiration porn is so dehumanizing.

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  3. Anonymous asked: hi, just out of curiosity, since i have been gone from tumblr for months and all, whatever happened to the RWBY visual novel?


    OOPS answering this late because i thought it’d been sent to the SRC tumblr rather than my own inbox

    the rwby summer rose court vn development is in full swing, actually! all the writing for the prologue and the first act has already been completed; to the best of my knowledge, we’re just waiting on the artists to finish up their parts for those sections

    iiii’m not 100% sure on how much else i’m technically allowed to say so if you have further questions feel free to ping the SRC tumblr (after reading the faq) (we get a lot of repeats)


  4. Anonymous asked: omg are you the one that wrote that sugarless gum fic with the tentacles before? your blog seems familiar.



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    there’s literally no where to go

    I’m so sickened by this I want to vomit onto these pieces’ of shits faces.

    Yeah, fuck this. FUCK these people I am so mad

    Three innocent Jews got killed, who had nothing to do with Israel, and people bring up the death of Palestinians?!? The nerve… Fuck this.

    These are comments made on a post by a pro Palestinian organization that supports BDS.

    let’s go over the facts. A Nazi shoots up a Jewish community center shouting Heil Hitler, right before a huge Jewish holiday. A Jewish group posts condolences. And the result is goyim posting bullshit claims about Jewish ethnicity and religion (irrelevant and untrue, and gross) and derailing talking about unrelated issues elsewhere on the globe (irrelevant) and denying us the term to our own oppression (irrelevant and morally abhorrent.) Claiming it as “activism” for Palestine is a bullshit excuse when you are dealing with the deliberate murder of an ethnoreligious minority, especially when the group that posted this is, as noted above, supports BDS. We see you goyim, and your shit stinks. We know you hold our blood cheap.

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  6. Happy 17th Birthday Maisie Williams! (04.15.1997)

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  7. Anonymous asked: How do you play animal crossing?


    hold your ds upside down and walk to the edge of the map and then mew will come my dad works for nintendo so i know

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    The iconic Boston bombing photograph isn’t about my legs – it’s about a rescue - Jeff Bauman 

    I remember when the photograph was taken. The famous one, I mean. The one of me being rushed from the Boston Marathon bombing without my legs. Only seconds before, a stranger named Carlos Arrendondo had lifted me from the ground, thrown me into a wheelchair, and started running.

    There was so much smoke, and so much blood, and then suddenly it was clear, and a man was there, crouching in the road, pointing a camera at us. I thought, Why isn’t he helping? People are dying. Read more

    Photograph: Charles Krupa / AP

    I glanced at the photo once, about a week after the bombing. I knew immediately I never wanted to look at it again. I never have, and I don’t think I ever will. I have enough images from that day in my head already. I don’t need another one.” - Jeff Bauman.

    ^ Because the comment above was kind of misleading about the main point of the article:

    If people talk about the photo this year, I hope they remember that. I hope they remember that the man in the wheelchair, the one without the legs: he lived. He has a fiancée and a baby on the way; he’s learning to walk again; he’s going to be OK.

    I wish I wasn’t that man, but not because I wish I wasn’t in the photograph. I just wish I still had my legs. But I’m glad people have an image to remind them of the most important lesson from 15 April 2013: that good people will triumph over the cowards and idiots every time.

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    proper way to eat pizza

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    Game of Thrones Wedding Cake

    oh yeah lets just have a game of thrones themed wedding

    what can possibly go wrong?

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